Aequitas international

Chartered accounting, auditorship and firm consulting company, Aequitas is located in the North of France (Douai, Lens, Lille).

The follow-up, the control of the management and the financial information of your company or your association has to constitute the major trump card of your development.


Aequitas will serve your interests with integrity and will keep your company best interests in mind, which is essential for successful and long-term business relationships.

Member of the Order of the Chartered Accountants and of the French National Company of Legal Auditors.


Our values : decides in confidence

Integrity and discretion are our guiding values.

Our expertise is based on the recognition of the experience and the professionalism of our teams.

Chartered accounting and auditorship are regulated occupations. Our vocation is to guarantee the absolute client’s satisfaction and to help you to develop your economic interest successfully and smoothly within France and with your customers.


Aequitas is the merging of several companies of expert bookkeepers and auditors.
Since the creation of our company, our goal has been the development of a mutual and satisfactory business relationship based on sharing the same values. This has been the building block of our success.

Aequitas also pays particular attention to the proper training of our employees.
We also offer a training service to accompany you and your staff through our subsidiary Aequitas Data Processing Management and Training.

Aequitas is, above all, a firm with a philosophy and staff who is ready to offer solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

  • Accounting
  • Social management
  • Taxes management
  • Auditorship, in the contributions, in the fusions, and in the transformation of companies
  • Legal audit
  • New business start-up
  • Judicial expertise
  • Patrimonial management

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